Do less harm

Climate compensated deliveries

From the very first Budbee delivery onwards, we have climate compensated for our CO2 emissions. Being a modern logistics company, we believe that climate awareness should be a given rather than a unique selling point, which is why we are compensating for our CO2 emissions together with the organization ZeroMission.

Prior ZeroMission projects that Budbee has invested in, focussed on tree-planting for smallholders in different countries. This is an investment focussing on binding CO2 as well as fostering socio-ecological value for the local community and for smallholders.

These are some of the projects we have invested in over the years:

2018: Plan Vivo A/R Trees for Global Benefit, Uganda

2017: Plan Vivo A/R CommuniTree, Nicaragua

You can find more information about ZeroMission and their projects here.

Do more good

Electric cars

We’ve been investing in our first electric cars, and we ran a pilot project to test them on our routes during the past summer! We will continue testing the cars on longer routes and in different areas throughout the rest of 2019 to make sure that we can integrate the electric vehicles in our operational processes and scale up our investments in 2020. We consider changing our fleet to electric vehicles to be a long-term project, which we’ll continuously invest in and keep searching for the best solutions out there.

We will always operate in the most efficient way possible – keeping down costs while upholding the quality of our service – so that we never compromise on quality, nor on the delivery experience of the consumer. We recognize the challenge presented by the lack of infrastructure when it comes to recharging electric vehicles in the cities in which we operate, as well as the challenge of finding an electric car that meets our requirements. Nonetheless, we are enthusiastically looking forward to supporting city planners in further developing the necessary infrastructures across different urban landscapes!

Energy self-sufficient terminals

We have signed contracts to start building our first energy self-sufficient terminal in Stockholm, and our goal is to have it up and running in 2020. 80% of the terminal roof will be covered by solar panels which will produce 232 000 kWh per year. This means that the terminal won’t only be energy self-sufficient, but will also be able to fully sustain our electrical fleet.

Electric bicycles

We’ve started developing our algorithm to enable the use of bicycles as an add-on to our fleet. During the summer of 2019, we successfully started using electric bicycles in the inner city of Gothenburg and in the near future, you will start seeing our bicycles in more and more of the cities in which we operate. We see this not only as an opportunity to have more sustainable transportation but also as a chance to further optimize our service, considering that bicycles are easier to park and smoother to navigate through city centers.