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How long does it take for me to get my order?
Where is my parcel?
How much does Budbee cost?
When do you deliver?
I am not home at the time of the delivery, can I change the date and time?
I have not received any texts or notifications from you, where is my parcel?
I have not ordered anything, but I am getting texts/notifications from you?
Do you deliver during office hours?
Can I collect my parcel at a pick-up point?
Our shared front door does not have an entry code/it does not work at night/there is no intercom; what do I do?
When will my parcel arrive?
I chose to have the parcel left outside my door, how do I know it’s been delivered?
Can you leave the parcel in my mailbox instead?
How can I change the delivery address?
The driver is soon at my house and I am not home, what do I do?
I have several deliveries from different webshops booked for today, will they be delivered at the same time?
I cannot receive my package in the next few days; how far ahead can I book the delivery?
Do you have an app?
In which countries and cities can I use Budbee?
How will I be notified of my delivery details?
I am not home at the time of the delivery, can the driver call my roommate or partner instead?
How can I get in touch with customer service?
Can my partner or roommate receive my parcel instead of me?
When I click on the link you sent me, I arrive at a blank page?
The parcel did not contain the products I ordered, what do I do?
I paid for a specific time interval; what happens if you do not perform the delivery within that time frame?
When do I need to show my ID?
Can I book a return with Budbee?
I don’t have a return label; what do I do?
I missed my delivery; what do I do?
I have not received my parcel; what do I do?
My parcel was damaged, what do I do?
How do I book a return with Budbee?
I accidentally deleted the text message that I received from Budbee. How can I contact you?
What is Budbee Box?
I can’t pick up my package today; how many days will you keep it in the box?
There is no Budbee Box near me?
The package has been delivered to the Box, but I have not received a code; what do I do?
How big packages can the Boxes take?
The code I got does not work; what do I do?
The screen on the Box does not work; what do I do?
I can’t find the Box where my parcel is, what do I do?
Why was my Box-delivery changed to home delivery?
How do I return something via Budbee Box?
I didn’t get the chance to pick up my parcel, and now it says that it will be returned?
It says that my delivery is delayed and will be delivered tomorrow instead, what happened?
How much does it cost to be a member?
What do I get as a Budbee plus member, and what does it cost?
Why do I have to identify myself with BankID?
How do I ID myself via BankID?
Can you deliver my package to a different Budbee Box instead?
Can I change my Box delivery to Home delivery?
Can I change my Home delivery to Box delivery?
I missed my reservation slot; what do I do?
How do I recognise a phishing attempt by someone pretending to be Budbee?
What do I do if I think someone is pretending to be Budbee?

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In the Budbee app, you can see all the info about your deliveries, handle returns and chat directly with our customer service team.

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