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We ensure you get your online parcels delivered or returned at your door in the afternoon and evening—easy deliveries and returns using renewable diesel and electricity.

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Budbee Box

With Budbee Box, you collect and return parcels at a Box location of your choice whenever it suits you. Fast and flexible deliveries using renewable diesel and electricity.

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Easy Returns

Budbee goes both ways! We don't only deliver your parcels; we make sure you can return them too. Returns with Budbee are easy, whether you want us to pick up the parcel at your doorstep, or if you want to return via a Box. All you have to do is book a time slot via our app. No labels or printers are needed. It's that easy.

Renewable diesel

When we talk about renewable diesel, we refer to HVO100. HVO100 is a hydrogenated vegetable oil made from raw materials (such as animal fat waste from the food industry, recycled cooking oil or fish fat from the fishing industry) that do not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, HVO100 is a fuel that is fully compatible with most diesel engines and diesel fuel distribution infrastructure, which makes it possible to use vehicles that previously ran on fossil fuels.

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Budbee Plus

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What you get

Budbee Plus members get access to additional features and benefits, such as setting up your own personal delivery schedule and switching delivery options for free. Download the app to learn more and become a member.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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