The perfect delivery for you

To your door

Budbee delivers in the evening when it suits you. You choose how we should deliver your items - if you want us to knock, call or leave the parcel outside your door

Budbee Box

We deliver the goods within 24h to a delivery box near you. With the help of a code, you collect your parcel whenever it suits you.

Up to speed

Budbee keeps you updated via the tracking link or the app, where you can track your delivery in real-time.

There for you

If you have any questions, simply click on the link you received via text, or use the Budbee app. Our customer service is always there for you

Our delivery services

Specify the type of residence you live in.

Add what floor you live on as well as the entry code of your shared front door.

Choose if you would like us to knock, ring the doorbell or simply leave the package outside your door.

Kinda busy? Upgrade to a 1-hour time window or change the delivery date.

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After lunch, you’ll receive a 1-hour time window, and from 4 PM you can track your delivery in real-time.

If you have any questions our customer service is always here to support you.

Want to return an item? Book a pick-up for the return and a driver will come by and pick it up.

Did you enjoy the delivery or do you have some feedback? Please give us a rating!

Budbee Box

Customer service

We will notify you via text or in the app when your order is ready and on the move to a Budbee box near you.

Your parcel is ready to collect. Simply bring the pin code you received and use it to open the Budbee box.

Need some help? Contact a member of our customer service team through the link or in the app.

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