Budbee, the greenest large scale

e-commerce delivery service! 

At Budbee, we have a sustainable mindset about everything we do, and protecting the planet for future generations is an integral part of our culture. We are aware that the nature of our business has an effect on the environment but we also believe that this allows us to differentiate ourselves and offer the greenest online delivery service!

Budbee is, and always has been long-term green!

Budbee is the greenest European last-mile partner in the market. For us, our focus on sustainability is not some PR maneuver; it is an investment in future generations. We are continuously looking for ways to improve, by developing our business with new, innovative, and convenient solutions for our customers, partners, and the planet. By having ambitious goals, we believe that we will be more effective in our journey towards becoming sustainable. Furthermore, we are prepared to endure higher costs in order to enable improvements that benefit sustainability in the long run, whether that means partnering with companies providing cargo bikes, installing fossil-free fuel stations or using green terminals.

Budbee has climate compensated for every delivery since the company was created. However, in our minds, climate compensation is not sufficient in the long-term. We strongly believe that technical innovation can create business opportunities as well as being a tool for creating a better, more sustainable world. Since the very first Budbee delivery we have taken important steps towards long-term sustainability.

Some of the green initiatives we do - and are insanely proud of!

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