Sustainability at Budbee

Our Philosopy

Our focus on sustainability is not just some PR manoeuvre; it is a long-term investment for the future. For our sake, our consumer's sake, and the planet's sake. We are always looking for ways to improve our business with new and innovative solutions, and we are prepared to endure higher costs to enable improvements that benefit sustainability in the long run.

Whether offering our courier partners discounted HVO100, investing in solar panels, utilising our technical expertise to optimise routes and fill rates, or collaborating with cargo bike couriers. Making sure that we have a safe and rewarding working environment for our employees and the drivers employed by couriers is crucial and a part of our long-term commitment to being a sustainable company.

Instabee Sustainability Report 2022

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How we work with sustainability


We offer transportation solutions for the e-commerce sector and know that we have an impact and can make a difference. We work actively to use technical solutions and innovative methods to decrease the negative impact of our business.

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Social Responsibility

Budbee would not be where we are today without the fantastic people working in our offices and terminals, or the drivers employed by our courier partners. We strive to offer fair working conditions, whether you work full-time, part-time, or a few hours here and there.

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