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Sustainability at Budbee

Protecting the planet for future generations is an integral part of our culture, and we strive to incorporate sustainability into everything we do. We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the environment, but this also allows us to make a clear difference. At Budbee, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our business by developing new, innovative, and convenient solutions for our customers, partners, and the planet. 

For us, being sustainable means continuously striving to do more good and less harm. We believe that the most effective way of achieving this is to set ambitious targets for the company and encourage our partners to do the same. Furthermore, we're prepared to bear higher costs to enable improvements that benefit sustainability in the long run. Whether it's investing in electric vehicles, our recycling station at the office, or working to stamp out discrimination – we're committed to investing in sustainable choices.

A sustainable mindset

We climate compensate for all our logistics operations. This is something we have done ever since our very first home delivery back in 2015. Our deliveries, returns, pick-ups, and linehaul are all climate compensated in cooperation with ZeroMission, but we have bigger plans than that. 

We are really into the details, but we are great fans of the big picture too. One of the more significant initiatives we have invested in is the building of our first energy self-sufficient terminal. Read more about this below. Other examples are the expansion of our fleet of electric vehicles and exploring how to maximize the usage of fossil-free fuels. At the same time, we try to do all the less "showy" things with excellence. Like operating comprehensive recycling systems at all our offices, and plan our business trips to minimize environmental impact. 

We strongly believe that technical innovation can create business opportunities as well as being a great tool for creating a better, more sustainable world. The algorithm that we developed in-house is an excellent example of this. The algorithm, called "Algot," ensures our vehicles never drive unnecessary distances – this makes sense for the business and the environment!

The Budbee team

Technological innovation and expertise in logistics are at the core of our business. However, our people are the key to Budbee’s success. We have zero-tolerance for discrimination or poor working conditions, and everyone at Budbee, regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnic affiliation, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and age - should feel included and safe. 

Our drivers and ambassadors ensure that consumers get the very best delivery experience. Consumer feedback helps us to improve our offering. Merchants and partners share knowledge within e-commerce that creates synergies across the supply chain. And our wildly creative employees continuously drive innovation. Our people are the most essential and vital element of Budbee, and we value them enormously. Learn more about what it is like to work at Budbee here

Some other initiatives we are working on

We have set ourselves challenging targets on the way to becoming entirely fossil-free. Already in 2020, we expect to carry out the majority of our home deliveries fossil-free due to all the hard work and investments we made. In 2022, 100% of Budbee delivery will be fossil-free! It will be tough, but we will make it happen! 

The facility is entirely energy self-sufficient. We have fitted eighty percent of its roof with solar panels, which produce 232,000 kWh of electricity per year. This amount of power is enough to meet the facility's energy needs and our entire fleet of electric delivery vehicles! 

We offset our CO2 emissions in partnership with ZeroMission. Starting in 2019, we climate compensate 110 percent of our logistics business emissions. We do not want to settle at being climate neutral; we're striving to be climate positive! 

Do you have any more ideas or suggestions for what we can do in order to help create a greener future?

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