Social Responsibility

Three Social Pillars

Decent Work

Budbee would not be where we are today without the fantastic people working in our offices and terminals and the drivers employed by our courier partners. We strive to offer fair working conditions, whether you work full-time, part-time, or a few hours here and there. We strive to provide a safe and thriving environment for both Budbee employees and drivers employed by professional courier companies. We conduct regular employee surveys at our offices and terminals and review and audit our courier partners.


Social Contribution

In 2021, Budbee had some 400 employees and contributed to job and tax money creation. We are also an active voice in the conversation about the modern city, discussing how we can enable a convenient and sustainable lifestyle for as many people as possible. We help the consumer to make sustainable choices by being transparent and honest. What we state, we can show that we do.


Inclusion and Diversity

Working for Budbee gives you experience for life. We offer a social environment where you work with people from various backgrounds, and many people stay with us for a long time.


Budbee Contributes to several UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

UN SDG Goal 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth

Budbee contributes to this goal by offering decent working conditions and transparent information for our direct employees and those working for our business partners. In addition, we regulate what kind of work contracts are approved and perform audits to ensure that these requirements are kept.

Decent growth and economic growth
UN SDG 11, Sustainable Cities & Communities

Budbee contributes to this goal, e.g. by working actively with transitioning to non-fossil fuels and planning routes in an optimal way to avoid unnecessary transport.

Sustainable cities and communities
UN SDG Goal 12, Responsible Consumption & Production

Budbee contributes to this goal by offering a more sustainable consumption pattern through our sustainable delivery services. In addition, we have C2C merchant partners that enable more sustainable consumption and contribute to the circular economy.

Responsible consumption and production

Decent work

Terms and recommendations

We strive to offer fair working conditions, whether you work full-time, part-time, or a few hours here and there. Our employees work in offices and terminals. Drivers are not employed by Budbee but work for professional couriers. We are proud and happy to have built good collaborations with these partners over the years.

We work continuously to review and develop our partnership agreements and can audit our couriers at any time. In addition, we offer a whistleblowing function where they can report issues anonymously and may end contracts if couriers breach our Code of Conduct or other important terms and conditions.

Code of Conduct

To become a Budbee courier, you need the following:
  • Vehicles with 4-18 cubic meters of load
  • Transport operator's liability insurance
  • Commercial freight license
  • F-tax (a freight company)
  • Vehicles that run on renewable diesel (HVO100) or electricity
  • Sign Budbee's Code of Conduct
Penalties and fines

Budbee does not allow salary deductions or similar penalties or fines for our own or Partners'* employees (including drivers) as a penalty in a disciplinary matter in relation to an agreement with Budbee except (i) when regulated by a collective agreement or is legally permitted and required by applicable law, or (ii) in the event of speeding or parking fines where these can be traced to the Partner's staff (including drivers).

* see definition below under the section Forms of employment

Work environment

At Budbee, we have zero tolerance for discrimination or poor working conditions. Everyone working at Budbee should feel included and safe in their work environment regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnic affiliation, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or age.

Forms of employment

We demand that everyone who works for Budbee is offered fair, safe and sound working conditions and forms of employment.

We do not accept that our Partners use self-employment or what is often called "gig finance" (i.e. other forms of non-employment engagement) when performing work on behalf of Budbee. In cases where our partners use subcontractors, we must be informed about (i) that subcontractors are used and (ii) the terms of employment that apply to the individuals who perform the work. We demand that the same forms of employment and minimum conditions apply and are applied to our Partners' employees as to our own employees. Budbee has the right to refuse the use of subcontractors if these requirements are not met. Budbee approves the following forms of employment:

  • Permanent employment
  • Fixed-term employment (temporary, fixed-term employment, probationary employment)
Society contribution

Budbee contributes to this UN SDG Goal 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth, by delivering sustainable economic growth and productive employment in five countries. By employing over 500 people, Budbee contributes to job creation and taxes to governments. We also support local suppliers in the different markets - preserving employment levels in the local context.

Budbee contributes to UN SDG 11, Sustainable Cities & Communities, by lowering the environmental impact of cities and improving air quality by switching to renewable diesel, HVO100 and electrical vehicles. In addition, we provide the urban population with sustainable logistics and implement clean last-mile solutions using HVO100 and electric cars.

We are an active voice in the conversation about the modern city, discussing how we can enable a convenient and sustainable lifestyle for as many people as possible. We see e-commerce as a given ingredient in this recipe and develop our services with that in mind. As a player in the e-commerce sector, we believe we can have an impact by looking into new ways of working with waste management and reuse, contributing to SDG 12. Already today, we deliver parcels for companies in the circular economy field. In the future, we see great potential for how we, as logistics experts, can be involved in planning circular flows in society. We are in close dialogues with merchants and other industry players on how we can work with more intelligent packaging, e.g. using suitable material and limiting “dead weight.

A personal growth journey

Working for Budbee gives you experience for life. Budbee offers a social environment where you work in teams with people from various backgrounds, and many stay with us for a long time. We provide good entry-level positions without the requirement of previous work experience as well as more qualified positions with a higher level of responsibility.

At Budbee, we value drive, commitment and a customer-centric attitude.
Our people are the most essential part of our business, and we value them enormously. Would you like to get to know some of our Budbees better?

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Inclusive and sustainable communities and societies

A fundamental requirement for our business to run is well-functioning terminals to handle all the parcels and we invest heavily in building sustainable and modern facilities. Currently, one custom-made terminal is operational, four additional ones are under construction, and many more will come.

Living Standards for End-Users

Budbee app

In the Budbee consumer app, consumers can see detailed information about their delivery and adjust the date and time of the delivery should a different time better suit their schedule. On the delivery day, consumers can follow the driver/bike rider carrying their parcel in real-time on the tracking map. We aim to be transparent and honest, so the tracking also shows what kind of vehicle is carrying the package, whether it is a cargo bike, a van running on renewable diesel or an electric van.

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