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The delivery of your products is an extension of your brand - that’s why our service is smart and adapted to your consumer’s everyday life

Smooth and hassle-free

Your customer journey does not end at the check-out. We understand the value of happy customers and that a good delivery experience increases both loyalty and order value. Sign up today and start giving your consumers Budbee’s smooth and hassle-free deliveries!

They choose how we should deliver - if they want us to knock, call, or leave the parcel outside their door.

Your customers will get updates from us via text or in the Budbee app. On the delivery day they will also be able to track the driver carrying their delivery on a map, as well as seeing the drivers name, picture and how many stops there are before them.

Our great customer service team is always ready to assist and are just a few taps away. Your customers can easy chat with a member of our team through the link or in the Budbee app.

Deliver your parcels to 25 million people daily

Improve the shopping experience on your ecommerce store by providing a smooth delivery service with Budbee. We always deliver to your customer's door in the evening or to a delivery box close to them within 24 hours. We keep your customers updated with the latest information about their delivery and you can keep track of all your important KPI:s connected to your delivery, such as customer ratings, CO2 emissions, delivery time and much more direct in our portal! We also have a merchant success team that will help you get started in our systems and is always here to support you.

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