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Your trust is essential to us. Budbee is committed to safeguarding one of your most valuable assets: your personal data.

Budbee’s Privacy Principles


We clearly and intelligibly tell our users about what data we collect, how we use it and why it's needed.

Respect & Trust

These concepts, we believe, are inextricably linked. They reflect a fundamental belief that has guided everything we've done since the beginning and everything we'll do in the future. When consumers use our products, they entrust us with their personal data, and our responsibility is to uphold that trust.


We collect what we require. Only the minimum personal data is collected and used for approved and lawful purposes.


We provide users with clear privacy choices and easy-to-use settings to help them manage their data. As a result, users control how their personal data is collected, used, and shared.


Every user can view the personal data they've shared with us at any time and for any purpose. In addition, they can review, move, or delete their data.


Respecting our users' privacy involves safeguarding their data, which is why we include privacy aspects into our products from the beginning to the end. From concept to launch and beyond, privacy is critical for us when creating world-class products and services.

Frequently asked questions

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Who should I contact if I have more questions?
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How do I submit a question to Budbee's Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Want to get in touch with our Data Protection Team?

Our Data Protection Officer can be reached at or via mail at DPO, Budbee Holding AB, Hälsingegatan 40, 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden.

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