Some of the TA-systems we are working with.

If your business is connected to a  partner to Budbee you can easily start to deliver you parcels right away, no technical integration is needed.

Ingrid - The Delivery Experience Platform

Ingrid's aggregated checkout improves the delivery offering for each consumer and every purchase. Services include checkout, tracking, TMS and same day platform, enabling express home deliveries from stores.


With the market leading Delivery Management system Unifaun Online, we are confident that we can help you streamline your transport management. With carrier-neutral Unifaun Online you can collect and book your transports with multiple carriers, all in one system built for your needs.


Handling millions of shipments per year and hosting the largest carrier library in the world, the Consignor platform is helping more than 10,000 customers choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of which carrier, ERP, WMS or webshop they are using.

With a single integration point for your key systems, shipping rules can be created on the fly and relevant checkout options provided to your customers, all while managing carrier availability and performance in real-time.


Founded in 1999, Metapack helps eCommerce and delivery professionals meet consumers’ growing expectations of delivery, while maintaining and optimising operational efficiency. Metapack’s SaaS solution offers a wide range of personalised delivery services, from global order tracking to simplified return procedures, through a catalogue of 470 carriers and 5,000 services available that span every country in the world. Thanks to Metapack, more than 550 million packages are sent annually by any of the world’s leading eCommerce retailers.


Transsmart, member of Unifaun Group, is a supplier of cloud-based shipping software. With the shipping and delivery management solutions, Transsmart makes the logistics connection between webshop, warehouse, carriers and customers. The system is seamlessly integrated with more than 50 e-commerce, ERP, WMS and DIY systems and over 400 carriers in 150 countries worldwide. With Transsmart’s software you can optimize your European shipping process: the entire logistics process from purchase to delivery will be faster, insightful, flexible and cheaper.


Pakketpartner automates the process of creating and printing shipping labels, using your own contracts with your favorite carriers. This way you can ship packages from your Pakketpartner dashboard by just one click, potentially saving a lot of time. We don't charge any set up costs, just a fixed price per label, which varies from €0,05 to €0,15 depending on your shipping volume.


With Shipmondo you get a complete system for your orders and shipments. Shipmondo lifts your logistics to a higher level so you get an efficient workflow. You can ship worldwide across carriers from one platform by gathering all your freight agreements into one system or use Shipmondo's agreements. There is no subscription nor hidden fees. You'll only pay for your consumption.


Sendcloud is the number one shipping platform for online businesses. As one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe, the scale-up is on a mission to make shipping as easy as possible. With more than 15.000 customers, integrations with over 30 e-commerce systems and 50 international carriers, Sendcloud is the leading shipping solution in Europe and soon beyond.


Paazl is the global platform for carrier management and delivery experience that brings more satisfied and engaged customers to your webshop. Our single integration helps your business grow across borders. Paazl gives you the flexibility to connect with local and international delivery methods. We offer seamless integration for your webshop, warehouse, track & trace, and customer service, so you can create the ultimate delivery experience for your customers.

We are very happy to work with our different partners to be able to give our customers an easy onboarding. If you want to use Budbee as a delivery service and your TA-system is not listed please send an email to with your questions.