Budbee goes fossil free

As a logistics company, transportation is – naturally – one of the critical characteristics of our business. And this must work as efficiently as possible. We want to keep costs down without compromising our service quality, environmental impact, or the delivery experience we provide for the consumer. The lack of public vehicle charging infrastructure is a challenge for us. The same goes for the availability of fossil free fuels in the cities where we operate. Nonetheless, we're working hard to expand our fossil free fleet and achieving our goal of running an entirely fossil free vehicle fleet.

We assess all innovations that come to market, and already today Budbee uses special delivery bikes to make fossil free deliveries in the Netherlands and our Nordic markets. We have also launched an ambitious set of initiatives to support our courier partners in their transition towards fossil-free deliveries. We see our growth and positioning on the market as a tremendous opportunity to lead the change towards a sustainable future.

We are following the development of electric trucks with interest and plan to increase our investment in electric vehicles. We believe that innovation in this area is fundamental to reducing our impact on the environment as well as our future business prospects. Today we manage our logistical flows by using trucks fuelled with fossil-free fuels as much as possible. And we have set ourselves challenging targets on the way to becoming entirely fossil-free. Already in 2020, we expect to carry out the majority of our home deliveries fossil-free due to all the hard work and investments we made. Looking into the future, we think BIG! In 2022, 100% of Budbee delivery will be fossil free! It will be tough, but we will make it happen!  



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