Budbees approach to COVID-19


COVID-19 related measures


Budbee takes the spread of COVID-19 very seriously and will do everything we possibly can do to protect our consumers, partners, employees from the virus. E-commerce and home deliveries are increasing, and Budbee sees it as our responsibility to take the necessary measures to keep the operation running as smoothly as possible. We monitor the situation closely and always follow the guidelines from WHO. Below you will find some of the actions we have taken.

Leave outside door option is preselected
Budbee encourages consumers to choose the delivery method “leave outside door” and have this option preselected when possible. When selecting this delivery option, our drivers will place the parcel at the consumer’s door. The consumer immediately gets notified with a photo of the package and can pick it up without human contact.

Changed process for deliveries with a signature requirement
For deliveries where Budbee should check ID or get a signature, we will temporarily change the process to fight the spread. To limit human contact and avoid touching the same device, we will instead inspect the ID-card and skip the signature.

Hygiene rules for drivers and terminal workers
Drivers instructed to at all times keep a distance of minimum 1,5 m to consumers.
Special routines for:

  • Usage of gloves and other protective equipment
  • Self-check of body temperature
  • Routines for washing hands
  • Cleaning and impregnating cars and touched surfaces regularly

Use Budbee’s home delivery to prevent the spread


Home deliveries with Budbee is a great tool to keep trade alive while limiting the spread of COVID-19. Budbee enables deliveries without human interaction. With a user friendly UX where the consumers can update their information, choose if they want their parcel left outside there door and follow their delivery live. The consumer can get their parcels hassle-free even during these special times.

Let Budbee deliver your parcels
Even in these times we are ready for every webshop! Contact sales here and we will contact you immediately!