Three Green Pillars

Renewable diesel and electricity all the way

Decreasing the CO2 footprint in our transportation is key to our performance, and we work actively to support our courier partners in transitioning to more sustainable fuel options. We also have energy-self-sufficient terminals with solar panels and charging stations for Electric vehicles. 


Route optimisation and fill-rates

Our AI system, Algot, automatically creates the most efficient routes for our deliveries, and every night, the algorithm is improved by comparing its calculations with the actual outcome. Furthermore, we 3D scan every parcel that goes through our sorting machines, securing the maximum fill rate in the vehicles.


Sustainable Cities

Budbee lowers the environmental impact on cities and improves air quality by switching to renewable diesel, HVO100, and electric vehicles. We implement better last-mile solutions by using HVO100 and electric cars.


Renewable diesel

When we talk about renewable diesel, we refer to HVO100. HVO100 is a hydrogenated vegetable oil made from raw materials (such as animal fat waste from the food industry, recycled cooking oil or fish fat from the fishing industry) that do not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, HVO100 is a fuel that is fully compatible with most diesel engines and diesel fuel distribution infrastructure, which makes it possible to use vehicles that previously ran on fossil fuels.

Budbee contributes to several UN Sustainable development goals for 2030

UN SDG Goal 7, Affordable & Clean Energy

Goal 7.2: “By 2030, increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix Indicators substantially”. Budbee contributes to this goal by investing in - and producing renewable energy with our solar panels. We also invest in charging stations for EVs.

Affordable and clean energy
UN SDG 11, Sustainable Cities & Communities

Goal 11.6: “By 2030, to reduce the negative environmental impact of cities per person, for example, by paying particular attention to air quality and the treatment of municipal and other waste”. Budbee contributes to this goal by lowering the environmental impact of cities and improving air quality by using renewable diesel (HVO100) and electric vehicles.

Sustainable cities and communities
UN SDG Goal 13, Climate Action

Goal 13.2: “Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning”. Budbee contributes to this goal by taking action to combat climate change by using renewable diesel (HVO100) and electric vehicles. In addition, we measure our annual CO2 footprint and compensate for our impact in scopes 1-3. This compensation is done together with our partner, Lune.

Climate action

Key Contributions to Sustainability

Decreasing our CO2 footprint is key to our performance, and we work actively to support our courier partners in transitioning to more sustainable fuel options. We also work actively with our own capital goods and energy use.
Renewable diesel and electricity

We are proud to say that all deliveries in Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands are made using renewable diesel or electricity. These deliveries are made using electricity, human muscle power and HVO100 (renewable diesel).

Energy-Self-Sufficient Terminals

In 2020, we opened an energy-self-sufficient terminal with solar panels and EV charging stations. In 2022, this terminal is joined by an additional four new locations and we initiated the construction of yet one more.

Route Optimisation & Fill Rates

Our technological innovations contribute heavily to our sustainability, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Our bespoke algorithms ensure that we drive the most optimal route, not a single unnecessary meter.
  • We 3D-scan all parcels to ensure maximum fill rates which lowers the number of unnecessary routes and fuel consumption.
  • Our in-house developed driver app guides the drivers, for example, by providing information on routes, parking, upcoming stops (e.g., if it is more efficient to bring two parcels at a given stop instead of one) and how to load the vehicle.

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