Budbee Whistleblower

The Whistleblower Policy helps Budbee to take appropriate and adequate action in case of a concern, which is a situation raised by a whistleblower about a (suspected) criminal conduct, unethical conduct or other misconduct by or within Budbee that leads to, or could lead to, a violation of:

  • the Code of Conduct, and/or
  • Any Budbee Policy, and/or
  • Any law and regulation

In line with the Code of Conduct values, Budbee wants to encourage and protect employees, who come forward and (anonymously) report concerns in good faith by:

Encouraging a culture in which employees can (anonymously) raise concerns in good faith regarding suspected or actual criminal conduct, unethical conduct or other misconduct without having to fear any adverse consequences; and

Increasing the likelihood of alerting management to concerns so they can be addressed to prevent non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, Budbee policies, laws and regulations.

Budbee exercises the utmost care with regard to the confidentiality of such a report or the anonymity of the employee, within the limits as defined by applicable laws and regulations.