Marketing toolbox

When communicating about our service, we find it best to be simple and concise. Our service is smooth and easy to use - so the communication about Budbee should be too! On this page, you will find relevant material to use in your marketing when communicating about Budbee. 


Budbee logos

Green logo with transparent background

Budbee Home Checkout Badge

White logo with transparent background

Budbee Box Checkout Badge (4 MB)

Budbee logotype (eps, png, svg) (43 KB)

Budbee checkout badges (png and svg)


Social media 

Budbee delivery service

Information and one-pagers 

budbee-app-en.pdf (1 MB)

how-budbee-works-en.pdf (2 MB)

How Budbee Home works

returns-en.pdf (558 KB)

Budbee returns

how-budbee-works-box-en.pdf (1 MB)

How Budbee Box works

 DO's and DONT’s

Use the Budbee material

Integrate the Budbee logo and pictures in your marketing! Whether it’s on social media or your website, use the material available when publishing content about Budbee. 

Explore different options

When using Budbee material in your marketing, explore different options, and make sure you present it in the most suitable way for your customers.

Don't alter the Budbee logo

Whenever you are using the Budbee logo, make sure not to crop it, recolor it, rotate it, or make any other alterations. You may present the Budbee logo in a black/white coloring.

Don’t use several logos at the same time

Please make sure that you keep the graphics simple and clear when presenting Budbee. Avoid using several logos in the same material.