Fueling the future

We believe that fossil fuels belong to the past and as an innovative tech company operating within the last-mile, we strive to be as groundbreaking as possible and always choose the most sustainable solutions. We want to offer the best delivery experience for our customers, never compromising on quality, while at the same time keeping costs down and minimizing our environmental impact.

Our ambition is to always be the greenest delivery company in the market! To do so we need to continuously make choices that might result in higher costs right now, but that will result in improvements that benefit sustainability in the long run. Whether it's contracting companies providing more electric vehicles or collaborating with more cargo bike partners– we're committed to investing in sustainable choices.

Supporting partners with fossil-free fuels 

To deliver all your parcels, we collaborate with a lot of fantastic partners. We do everything we can to make sure that those partners can drive their fleet of cars 100% fossil-free. Therefore, Budbee has installed fossil-free fueling stations directly at the terminals. In fact, we offer our partners fossil-free fuel at a discounted price, so it is easy for them to choose the greenest alternative, and for all new partners, we require a 100% fossil-free fleet! Our ambition is to be 100% fossil-free by the end of 2022.

100% fossil-free linehaul

Across all our markets, we reach more than 25 million people in thousands of cities. For this to be possible, there is a complex network of larger trucks, transporting packages to the correct destinations. Midway into 2020, Budbee took a big step and decided that the whole contracted Swedish linehaul fleet must become 100% fossil-free, and we will soon make the same decision in our other markets as well.

A continually growing number of cargo bike partners!

Budbee always searches for new ways to transport our parcels in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way. Since the very beginning, Budbee has been working with cargo bikes and the share of parcels delivered by bikes has grown steadily since then. We have great collaborations with different partners across all our markets and we are proud to see that the bike fleet is constantly growing.



Do you have ideas or suggestions for what we can do in order to help create a greener future?

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