Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay if I want to return a parcel to the merchant?

    Budbee will not charge you directly, however, the webshop may have a return fee. Please read the terms and conditions on the webshop.

  • How do I book a return with Budbee?

    Simply click the link you received via text or go to the app and click on your order, and then “book a return” and choose a pick-up time. Pack the goods according to the webshops instructions. You can choose to leave the return outside your door or hand it over to the driver personally. You do not need to print a shipping label. 

  • Can I book a return with Budbee?

    If the webshop you ordered from offers Budbee returns, then yes! Just click the link you got via text or check the app to check if a Budbee return is available. 

  • Do I need to print a return label?

    No, you do not need to print a return label. Simply pack the products according to the webshops instructions and book a return pick-up time through the link or the app.