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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have an app?

    Yes! You can download the Budbee app here:

    App Store 

    Google Play

  • I want to use Budbee when I shop online, do you have a list of webshops that offer your service?

    We do not have a list of all webshops that offer Budbee as a delivery method, but if you download the Budbee app you’ll find a feature called “Shop with Budbee” where you can search for any specific product or product category, and all webshops offering your product and Budbee will appear. You can download the app here;

    App Store

    Google Play

  • My parcel was damaged, what do I do?

    We kindly ask you to direct your questions directly to the webshop in which you made your purchase.

  • I have not received any texts or notifications from you, where is my parcel?

    If you have a delivery with Budbee but have not received any information regarding it, please contact us here.

  • What is “Shop with Budbee”?

    Shop with Budbee is a new feature we have release together with our app! It allows you to search for a specific product or a product category, for example, shampoo, and all webshops offering your product and Budbee as a delivery option will appear. This feature is so far only available in Sweden. You can download our app here:

    App Store

    Google Play

  • I accidentally deleted the text message that I received from Budbee. How can I contact you?

    You can contact us here or at support@budbee.com.

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