Frequently Asked Questions

  • The driver is on his way to me, and I am not at home. What should I do?

    If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can select to have your parcel placed outside your door. If you do not have the option to do so, for example, if an ID-check is required, you will receive an SMS that we were not able to deliver your parcel, with a link where you can book a new delivery. The package will then be returned to our terminal until it’s time for us to try again.

  • At what time will my parcel arrive?

    At 2 pm on the day of delivery, you will be notified with information about an approximate delivery time. Once the driver has started loading, you will be able to follow the delivery car all the way home to the door. Shortly before delivery, you will receive a new text as a reminder that we are close. The driver will call if more info is required to enter the building or find your door. If the package is to be delivered outside your door the driver will not disturb you, and a notification via SMS will be sent out once the parcel is delivered.

  • How can I chat with your customer support?

    If you enter the link you received via SMS, there is a question mark in the top right corner, where you will find our chat.

  • Can the driver call my partner instead? I will not be at home tonight.

    Yes, we can call your partner instead! All you need to do is change the phone number in the link we sent you earlier. After changing the phone number, all new notifications about the order will be sent to that number. If you need assistance, please contact us via the link you received or at support@budbee.com.

  • I never received my parcels, what happens now?

    Via the link you’ve received on SMS, you can see more information about what happens to your delivery. You can also contact us at support@budbee.com

  • I missed my delivery, how can I book a new one?

    Via the link you have received in the SMS from us, you can book a new delivery. You can also contact us at support@budbee.com.

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