Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I collect my parcel at a pick-up point?

    Unfortunately, you can’t pick up your parcel at a pick-up point as we do not collaborate with any other agent. If you are unable to be home at the time of the delivery we can leave the parcel outside your door (as long as the delivery does not require a signature or ID check) or you can change the time of the delivery. 

  • I am not home at the time of the delivery, can I change the date and time?

    You can change the time and date of your delivery up until 12 PM on the day of the delivery. After that, our routes are set and it is therefore not possible to change it after that. You can also have us leave the parcel outside your door if you’d like, whether you are home or not (as long as the delivery does not require a signature or ID check).

  • How can I change the delivery address?

    For security reasons, Budbee is not allowed to change the delivery address. Please contact the webshop where you made your purchase, and see if they can change it for you.

  • When do I need to show ID?

    If your delivery requires an ID check you will find this information in the link we sent you via text message or in the app. Examples of deliveries that require ID checks are when you have ordered medicine or products that require you to be of a certain age. 

  • When will my parcel arrive at your terminal?

    We can only track the parcels that have been delivered to one of our terminals. You can see in the app or the link we sent you by text whether or not the parcel has arrived at a Budbee terminal. If you have questions regarding your parcel that has not yet been delivered to us, we ask that you direct your questions to the webshop you ordered from.

  • Our shared front door does not have an entry code/it does not work at night/there is no intercom, what do I do?

    Please fill out these details in the link from the text or in the app. If the door is locked and the driver is unable to get in, the driver will call you.

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