Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the driver call my partner instead? I will not be at home tonight.

    Yes, we can call your partner instead! All you need to do is change the phone number in the link we sent you earlier. After changing the phone number, all new notifications about the order will be sent to that number. If you need assistance, please contact us via the link you received or at support@budbee.com.

  • I never received my parcels, what happens now?

    Via the link you’ve received on SMS, you can see more information about what happens to your delivery. You can also contact us at support@budbee.com

  • I missed my delivery, how can I book a new one?

    Via the link you have received in the SMS from us, you can book a new delivery. You can also contact us at support@budbee.com.

  • Can I collect the parcel at a pick-up point?

    We do not offer collection via an agent or pick up at our terminal. What we can do is change the delivery date or change the settings so the parcel can be placed outside your door (this is only possible if there is no signature requirement for the delivery).

  • I've moved from the address that is specified, how can I change the address?

    For security reasons, Budbee is not allowed to change the shipping address. Contact the online business you ordered from and see if they can change the address for you, this is nothing we can guarantee they approve.

  • I will not be home at the time of the delivery, can I change the date?

    You can change the date via the link you received by SMS until 12 am on the selected delivery date. You can also ask us to leave your parcel outside your door and pick it up later!

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