We are always looking for new collaborations! To become a Budbee Courier, you need the following,

Commercial freight or taxi license
Transport operators liability insurance
F-tax (freight company)
Vehicles with 4-18 cubic meters of load

If you meet the requirements above, please feel free to contact us!

I hereby certify that I meet the above requirements

In what city do you operate?

Top Driver


Awarded to the driver who is fast, thorough and with a high level of service.

The Deliverer


Makes deliveries faster than anybody else. A superfast and alert driver.

The WOW-Generator


An incredibly service-minded driver, always with a smile on the lips.

The Hardest Worker


Delivers more parcels than anybody and always driven to set new amazing records.

The Team Player


The driver who will go out of his/her way in order for the whole team to succeed.

The Loading Bay Captain


A driver who can load the van quickly and efficiently? This is The Loading Bay Captain.