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Budbee loves online shopping and we want to create the best delivery experience for your webshop! Here you can read about some of the webshops we already work with, so you can get more insight into why Budbee will help you improve your business!

Premium beauty
Founded in 2008, Bangerhead is today one of the top online beauty retailers in the Nordic. Offering premium beauty brands like Redken, Clarins, Lancome, and Biotherm, to mention a few, Bangerhead has positioned itself as a leading online beauty retailer and they offer their online service in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway as well as having physical stores in Stockholm and Borås in Sweden.

Looking forward
Beauty products are recurring purchases in many cases. Since founded, Bangerhead’s goal has always been providing a seamless and convenient service from the first touchpoint to delivery. It should be simple, but historically it hasn’t. Speed of delivery is a luxury, but not having the parcel arrive at your home is a true inconvenience. Customers shouldn’t have to reschedule their hectic day in order to pick up a parcel from Bangerhead. Right?

Great delivery. Good times.
Partnering up with Bangerhead, we enabled a new behavior where we removed stress from the equation. Our fast, smart, and personal delivery system reinforced the belief in Bangerhead’s mission and gave up to 30% higher conversion from first-time customers to recurring customers. You could call it a game-changer, no doubt.

”With Budbee we got a clear increase in customer loyalty.”

/ Thomas Grabe, CEO & founder

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