Climate compensated deliveries

Budbee wants to provide consumers with the very best home delivery services, while at the same time caring for the planet and society. We want to embrace our responsibilities as a modern, forward-thinking company. We have climate compensated every single package we have transported and delivered since Budbee opened for business in 2015. We offset our CO2 emissions in partnership with ZeroMission. Starting in 2019, we climate compensate 110 percent of our logistics business emissions. We do not want to settle at being climate neutral; we're striving to be climate positive!

Our initiative with ZeroMission is robust and wide-ranging. Aside from climate compensation measures, Budbee invests in projects run by ZeroMission, such as tree-planting schemes for smallholders in a variety of countries. The projects consume CO2 as well as promote socio-ecological values among local communities and smallholders.

Some of the projects we have invested in over the years include: 2019: Plan Vivo A/R Trees for Global Benefit in Uganda 2018: Plan Vivo A/R Trees for Global Benefit in Uganda 2017: Plan Vivo A/R CommuniTree in Nicaragua Read more about ZeroMission and their projects here



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