Carrier Agnostic Box

Budbee offers other distributors to deliver parcels to our extensive Box network. By choosing Budbee, you become part of a sustainable supply chain with the end customer at heart. We know that merchants who offer Budbee at checkout increase average basket size and repurchase rates.

Distributors who want to deliver to a Budbee Box leave the goods at one of our terminals from where Budbee takes over the delivery. Budbee's terminal thus becomes a consolidation hub outside the city centre.

Three reasons why we believe strongly in this model:


With a courier solution, lockers can be filled in one visit instead of several. This means less interference with the location owners and a simpler process for carriers. We're also investing significant resources into building the most user-friendly interface possible, making it easier for consumers to pick up and return packages.



By dropping off parcels at a consolidation hub, the number of vehicles entering cities is reduced, resulting in less congestion and emissions and better use of vehicles. A more optimised transport flow will ensure that every penny spent on vehicles and fuel delivers maximum benefit. From the consolidation hub, transport is done using renewable diesel and electricity. We also work with technology that ensures route optimisation and efficient driving.


Work opportunities

The fee we charge covers the value added from the moment the parcel is dropped off at the consolidation hub, through sorting and all the way out to lockers. We have requirements for compensation levels, overtime payments, insurance, etc. Our model takes responsibility for ensuring fair conditions for terminal workers and drivers. We believe this is the only sustainable way forward.


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The carrier agnostic box service is available to e-commerce distributors.

If you have a courier company and want to start delivering parcels for Budbee, fill out the form with your details on this page.

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