Budbee Plus

Budbee Plus members get access to additional features and exclusive benefits. You'll be able to select a delivery time of your choice on all orders, without having to lift a finger! Download the Budbee app and become a member today!

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What you’ll get as a Budbee Plus member!


Always free time slots!

Budbee Plus members always get free time slots on both deliveries and returns. You can freely choose a time interval that suits you best!

Personal delivery schedule!

Always wanting your deliveries at the same time? As a Budbee Plus member, you can create your own delivery schedule and choose a time slot that will be applied to all your future deliveries automatically.

Update whenever you want!

The schedule is great, but we know that all weeks do not look the same. That’s why we, of course, include free updates on your preferred delivery time whenever you’d like!

Access to future benefits!

We will include more benefits for our members over time! Keep track of new perks, all of your orders, and update membership settings in the Budbee app. Don’t have the app yet? No worries, you can download the app on the App Store or Google Play today!

The membership

The membership can either be paid monthly (49kr) or yearly with a 15% discount (499kr). Of course, we have made it easy if you for any reason would like to cancel. It is as simple as ending your membership with a tap in the app.




How it works

Profile page

You'll find your Budbee Plus membership underneath the profile page in the Budbee app. 

Choose a preferred time slot

When you start your membership, you can choose at which time you want us to book your deliveries. If that time doesn't suit you on a particular day, you can always change it for free.

Choose a plan

Choose if you want to pay for the membership on a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose the yearly plan you will get a 15% discount!

Booked automatically

Once you have set up your Budbee Plus membership and chosen a preferred time slot, all your upcoming deliveries will be booked to that time automatically.

Want to know more about how Budbee works? 


How Budbee works